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Mat and Timber Services

Mat & Timber Services, a division of Sarum Hardwood Structures Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Groot Lemmer bv, The Netherlands.

Backed by our parent company's vast experience and extensive resources, we offer for hire or sale, mats and temporary access roads, manufactured in any timber to suit most requirements for supply throughout the UK or for export.

Pipeline - Excavator - Crane Mats

Temporary Access5m long x 1m x 70mm Hardwood Mats are used extensively within the Oil, Gas and Water industries, and especially during the laying of underground pipelines across the countryside. In environmentally sensitive areas, or unstable ground conditions, timber mats will cause minimum disturbance to the environment and keep all machinery and vehicles moving.

5m x 1m x 100mm, 150mm & 200mm Hardwood Mats for use where the area may be waterlogged or particularly unstable and heavier machinery requires a firmer base from which to work off, or to gain access to.

Temporary Access for Enichem OutfallA wide range of Hardwood Timbers are used in the manufacture of 70mm, 100mm, 150mm & 200mm thick mats, but traditionally hardwood has been at the forefront due to its high strength and durability, which are a prime requirement. For this reason it is ideal for all forms of marine work i.e piling, sea defences, groynes, jetties, beach landings and slipways, access road, decking and temporary bridges and onshore drilling sites.

Crane Stability On Site

300mm Crane Mats6m - 12m x 1.2m/1.6m x 300mm Mats - for those applications that require loads to be spread, therefore reducing the ground bearing pressure and preventing damage to existing hard surfaces or protecting underground services.

Also available

Temporary Beach Landing300mm x 300mm, 200mm x 250mm, 200mm x 70mm Hardwood and Softwood timbers, timber piles, access ramps, roadway sections, temporary bridges, crane outrigger mats, crossing timbers and sleepers.

Service features

  • Mat & Timber Services will manufacture and supply mats of any timber and dimensions in accordance with customer specifications, and to suit all applications nationwide or overseas.
  • Site inspections can be carried out without any obligation to the customer and a laying and recovery service is available, if required, utilising crane equipped vehicles manned by experienced operators.
  • Our yards have loading and offloading facilities, and with stocks available from strategic locations throughout the UK, our response to customer requirements can be immediate.

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